Herensuge'S Lair

Dragon's Death


Death, my death, finish off last of my life, you comes and you speak soft to me.

The days I have spent waiting for you; for you I have supported the enjoyments and storms of this life.

What I am, what I have, what I wait, and all that I love, has always gone toward you, with deep seal.

You look at me once again and all my life will be for always yours.


From the blue of the sky they will look at me your eyes and your call will come in the silence. Anything will have to make, neither an at least thing, but finding the death in your sword.


The vision of this earth will go out in my eyes. It will tell me good-bye the life amid the silence, running before my face the last curtain.

The stars, nevertheless, will look after night, and they will come as always the mornings, and they will run off with the hours, as waves of the sea, impelling up pains and pleasures.


Fragments of "Lyrical Offering" of Rabindranath Tagore