Herensuge'S Lair

Dragon's Tales


The truth is that they put it to me easy, every month they brought me a youth to the entrance of the cave and they got tied up it to a post. I didn't have to bother me neither in running neither in pursuing them. The truly horrible thing was to tolerate them the sharp cries of fright. Sometimes until I covered my ears with the wings, but their sharp screams drilled me the brain and I didn't have more remedy than to toast them at once, without being able to play with them.

It was more amusing to fly for the towns and to eat up a sheep or a cow and to have to fly, after burning some goal, taking to the cow in my fauceses, still mooing, while the villagers threw me their hoes.

But when I arrived to Aralar I already had many years and I was alone and I preferred at once to meditate hours and hours in the depth of the lair that to have a good time going of hunt. Some few incursions more and in the near towns somebody had the idea of facilitating me the viands to avoid that myself chose them.

It seems to be that a maiden was less valuable for these towns than a sheep, because they chose this viand type to feed me, and I don't believe that they do that to please me, because everybody knows that the sheep are less unfriendly and screamers.

They should also be less valuable than the gentlemen, because 2 of these only offered me (for 264 maidens that gave me according to my bills) and without tiing, by the way. And although their meat was as good as that of the maiden, it bothered me a lot to have to remove them the iron shell that they took. I liked much more the normal wrapping of a maiden, usually vaporous tunics.

At some time, instead of maidens, women brought me. I didn't notice a lot of difference, although I preferred these last ones because they had more meat, but the main of the retinue that brought them he always noted it and he asked for forgiveness for the insult that they made me according to them. I tried to explain that it occurred same, but they didn't understand me, they got scared and they escaped running, and at the same time following they brought me another maiden stealing it of another town if the crop of maidens didn't have fruits that season in the village.