Herensuge'S Lair


Called also Iransuge and Sugaar (male serpent). Your figure is that of a terrible serpent.

According to some legends has seven heads; according to other, only it has one. When it crosses the air seems an arch flame you. It has residence in San Michael of Aralar.

In one deep hole of San Michael of Aralar were fed of human beings, as reports the following legend:

"About the Church of San Michael, in the side of the mountain, there is a very deep hole in the one which was living a great dragon (great serpent), that was tending to eat horses and jackasss. Sometimes was bringing men to his cave; a times was swallowing them, other was drowning them with his breath, and in some cases was returning them insane.

Happened a day that a woman was going to the church of San Michael riding on a beast. The dragon brought it to his lair, but the achievement woman to escape heals. Attended shouting to the shrine.

The clergymen were presented to the abbot to request to him that them let the relics of the altar of San Michael. Obtained the permit, threw of that blest water.

In all the day do not enter the dragon to his cave. Went, however, by the next mountains during a month and middle.

Many were tending to hear its yells, some saw it. But, thanks to God and to San Michael, to nobody made damage in those contours."